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Safari Extension to automagically add popup tool tips (a la Internet Exploiter Explorer) for images which have Alt Text. This is done by copying the Alt Text attribute to the Title attribute. If both Title and Alt Text are present, then display both. Dedicated to all those who wished this was available in Safari (and to Podfeet - thanks for putting your accessibility talk into the NosillaCast!). This project is now hosted at my GitHub account

Version 1.1 – DownloadSource Code
Add Prefix String
This is an Automator action which lets you add a string to the start of another string. To install:
  1. Double-click the downloaded "Add Prefix" file to unzip
  2. Double-click on the resulting "Add Prefix String.action" file - Automator will launch and display an alert asking to install the action.
  3. Click on the Install button

The action gets installed in the directory ~/Library/Automator, where ~ is your home directory. To uninstall:
  1. Make sure that Automator is not running
  2. Go to the directory Library/Automator in your home folder
  3. Drag the "Add Prefix String.action" file to the Trash and empty it

When you run Automator, "Add Prefix String" will appear in the Utilities library in the leftmost pane. Dragging an instance of the action to the workflow will present you with one text field labelled "Prefix". Type in the text you wish to be prepended to the incoming text in this field.

The XCode source project is available at the link below. I used XCode 3.2.5.

Version 1.0 – DownloadSource CodeSample Workflows

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