Safari Extension: Rightsizer

I’ve had a problem with reading Wikipedia pages using Safari on a 27” display. The text was simply too small. Now I could resize the text using the “Zoom Text Only” menu item in the View menu and choosing Zoom In / Out. But this didn’t stick through quitting and restarting Safari.

I did a quick search with “Safari font extension” and Canisbos’s Rightsizer came up, a free Safari extension, no less. Canisbos also developed the Safari extension PopSearch which I simply adore - -K to pop up a search tool for which you can specify one of several search sites. Rightsizer lets you enlarge the text on parts of a page, or even the entire page. You simply click on a representative sample of the text to be resized, click on it and hold down the mouse button, and then press one of several keys corresponding to the resize action. What’s more, Rightsizer saves your text resize settings for the website. Now, when I come back to Wikipedia, I get the font sized the way for me to read! Definitely a win! Check out their page to see what it can do for you.

Image Title reload rehash

Since Image Title works by inserting title attributes to image tags when the page loads, if you mouse over images (say on this site) immediately after you install it - the title text may not appear. This is because Image Title hasn’t tweaked the image tags for pre-existing pages. Just do a reload and all will be well from henceforth.

Image Title Source Code

Just added the source code to the Image Title Extension - it uses an injected end script. See the Safari Extensions Development Guide.

Image Title Safari Extension

I just created my first Safari Extension. It’s called Image Title and was inspired by Allison Sheridan’s presentation on “How to Increase Your Audience Through Accessibility” at Blog World Expo which she incorporated into NosillaCast #282.

This extension takes the Alt Text and adds a Title attribute with that text to the image tag. This lets Safari put up a tool tip popup with the Alt Text when you mouse over the image. Neat huh? To check that it works after you install, be sure to mouse over the images on my blog and see the secret Alt Text appear!

Do check out my Software page - it’s new! I’ll add more!