Lap Log Review

Here’s my Lap Log review - it was featured on Allison Sheridan’s NosillaCast Podcast Episode 326. Enjoy!

Hi! Kirschen from, here with a review. This time I’m looking at an iPad accessory called LapLog. But first, what’s the problem to be solved? Well, it’s that you have to use one hand to hold the iPad while sitting on your easy chair and you’re left with the other to interact. Or you wind up contorting your legs to prop it up.

Sure you could use the smart cover or iPad cases which fold over, as a prop to hold up the iPad but you’re usually stuck with the iPad at one, maybe two angled positions.

And then my partner, Sarah found the LapLog at - it’s a cylindrical pillow filled with buckwheat hulls (very eco-friendly!). The LapLog has a wooden insert that has a U-shaped bracket sticking out of the side. You fluff the pillow, put it on your lap, and then slide the iPad into the bracket - it’s that easy! You can put the iPad in either the portrait or landscape orientation. What’s more, in the portrait mode, there’s a convenient cut out for the Home button - how very thoughtful!

And the result... I have two hands free! I can get to type with both hands on the onscreen keyboard.

The neat thing about the LapLog pillow is that you can shape it to change the angle of the iPad to suit your viewing position. And you don’t even need to sit it on your lap, just put it on the handy seatback tray table when you’re travelling by air, and voila, it’s a stand!

The LapLog is 5" in diameter and 10" long, and weighs about 18 ounces - small and light enough to stash in your carry-on bag. LapLog says that you can use it as a handy neck pillow too! It’s one of those travel items you want to make sure that you pack it for easy access in your rollaboard - such a useful thing!

If it gets dirty, no problem! You can remove the wooden insert, pour out the buckwheat hulls, and wash the very durable cylindrical fabric cover, gentle cycle, please!

Sarah purchased one for her mum as a birthday present so she could use it with her iPad. I wound up borrowing it and liked it so much I got my own!

I’m actually typing the notes for this review using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and the iPad propped up in the LapLog, on my lap, in my easy chair, naturally... The other neat thing is that you won’t get a toasty lap as with a conventional laptop - that’s a win for the Post-PC devices!

Go on and check it out at! It’s priced at $39.95 for the standard design. There are special limited editions with various patterned designs too - those will run you $49.95. Don’t have an iPad, but one of the other tablets? No worries, the LapLog will also work with most tablets and eBook readers. I might just try it with my iPhone too!

The verdict? I love my LapLog - it’s just the thing to prop my iPad while I’m sitting in the comfy chair. It’s definitely the cat’s meow - although mine’s purring in her sleep right now...

Once again, this is Kirschen from - I’ll see you in the bit stream!