Lap Log

Just ordered my Lap Log. It’s a lap pillow filled with buckwheat hulls that has a wooden L-frame for you to insert the iPad (or any tablet device), either in portrait or landscape mode. We bought one for Sarah’s mum for her birthday - and I got to use it while visiting her in the UK in May. Neat accessory!

Nosillacast: Women in Technology

Had a lovely conversation with Allison Sheridan of the Nosillacast on Women in Techology on 4/10. Check out Episode 307 of the Nosillacast at “#307 iTutor PodCast, iPhone Tethering, ZumoCast, Air Video, iTunes Home Sharing, Quadcore i7, Women in Technology”. It’s something I’m very passionate about - getting more women into technology careers. Do give it a listen! And thanks Allison for featuring me on the Nosillacast. Apologies for not putting this post up sooner... Work’s been keeping me busy! A good thing!!

EclecTech Slides are up

I’ve posted the slide deck for my presentation at the EclecTech Society’s Inaugural meeting on “Building Mobile Applications” on 2/22. Do check that out and drop by the meeting!

EclecTech Society

I’m giving a short overview of iOS development at the EclecTech Society at their inaugural meeting regarding “Building Mobile Apps” on February 22. Do check out their website - it promises to be an interesting group.