James May's Toy Stories

James May, one of the presenters of our fave BBC program “Top Gear”, presented a series on the toys of his youth (and of course, ours too). These comprised Lego, Meccano, Scalextric, Hornby, Plasticine, and our all-time favourite - Airfix. Check out the wikipedia entry on “James May's Toy Stories”. Still adore that 1:1 scale model Spitfire - the largest I built was the Airfix 1:24 scale one...

Back from the Route 66 Trip

Got my kicks :: grin :: ... Drove from Chicago to Flagstaff in the Habanero, and we brought the Brompton folding bikes - wow, what a trip!


Diving in the Caymans, four days so far. Had a really informative and in depth (OK no pun intended) lesson and dive with Theunis from Cathy Church's Photo Centre. Highly recommended if you'd like to learn more about underwater photography. I'll post and link my photos soon.