Currently Reading

I'm re-reading "Object Oriented Programming: An Evolutionary Approach" by Brad Cox. This was published in 1986 and featured Objective-C as the language of discourse. I read it back in 1987 and object orientation was a little hard to understand. My computer science education to that point was procedural languages and standard data structures. There was some foreshadowing of OOP while I was programming Mac OS 6 at that time - especially with my own popup menus and calling functions with a passed structure describing the state of the popup menu, and there were some calls in the Mac OS Toolbox (Dialog and Control Manager) which were of that type.

Things covered:

  • Loose vs tight coupling
  • Software ICs - these are reusable object classes, usually generic.
  • Dynamic vs Static Binding
  • I'm resonating with the concepts in the book - goes to show that even after 20 years on, things are still valid.