WAVE Analysis

Just analysed this page using the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool. Passed!!! Yay!! Thanks again Allison!

Image Title reload rehash

Since Image Title works by inserting title attributes to image tags when the page loads, if you mouse over images (say on this site) immediately after you install it - the title text may not appear. This is because Image Title hasn’t tweaked the image tags for pre-existing pages. Just do a reload and all will be well from henceforth.

My Apple History

It’s that time to upgrade the primary desktop computer again... Ordered an iMac 27” i7 quad core 2.93GHz 12GB RAM, 1TB drive system from SmallDog (Twitter: @hellosmalldog). This is the third Mac I’ve ordered from them - really like their philosophy and service.

Looking back here are the Apple Computers I’ve had:

  • Apple ][ (1979-85) – This was not a Plus originally, though I switched the Autostart ROM and Applesoft BASIC. I taught myself BASIC, 6502 and Z-80 assembly, C and Pascal with that Apple ][. It’s packed away in its original box back home in Singapore.
    Final configuration: 48 KB RAM, 1MHz 6502, two Apple Disk ][ floppy drives, 80 column card, 128K RAMcard, Z-80 PCPI AppliCard, ALF Music Synthesiser card, Super Serial Card and 1200 baud modem, Parallel Printer Card with Integral Data Paper Tiger 445 dot matrix printer.

  • Lisa 2 (1985-86) – I managed to get a “cheap” Lisa so I could trade up to a Mac Plus. This had the single 400K floppy drive and came with the original manuals with the Apple FileWare “Twiggy” 5¼” double cutout disks (wish I had kept those). It also came with the 5 MB ProFile.
    Configuration: 1 MB RAM, 5MHz 68000, 5MB ProFile.

  • Macintosh Plus (1986-1989) – Traded the Lisa for this. My programming workhorse - I had Lightspeed Pascal and C (which became Think). I’ve cracked the case to upgrade the RAM and have seen the signatures!
    Final configuration: 2.5 MB RAM, 16MHz 68000, 20 MB HD20 (serial port), 800K external floppy, ImageWriter II printer.

  • Macintosh IIcx (1989-1995) – The first Mac I bought in the US. Did a lot of software on it while at computer science graduate school in UT-Austin.
    Final configuration: 8 MB RAM, 16Mhz 68030, 80 MB internal, 160 MB external SCSI, 45 MB SyQuest removable cartridge drive, HP DAT tape backup, Personal LaserWriter NTR.

  • PowerBook 145 (1992-2002) – My first portable Mac. The motherboard went bad so I purchased a replacement PowerBook 170 motherboard, thus making it a PowerBook 157½.
    Final configuration: 6 MB RAM, 25 MHz 68030 + 68882 FPU, 40 MB internal

  • Performa 6400 (1995-2004) – My big tower PowerPC Mac. I added the 400MHz Crescendo cache card coprocessor from Sonnet, 16MB ATI graphics card and a 100-BaseT Ethernet board from Asante
    Final configuration: 136 MB RAM, 400MHz PPC 603e, 1.6GB internal, 9GB external, SCSI external CD burner

  • iBook G3 (2002-present) – The replacement portable. It’s still running a webcam upload Perl script and has Mac OS X 10.4.
    Final configuration: 640 MB RAM, 800MHz PPC G3, 30GB internal

  • PowerMac Dual G5 (2005-present) – This replaced the Performa and is still in use. It’ll replace the iBook as the home server. Runs Mac OS X 10.5.
    Final configuration: 6.5 GB RAM, dual 2GHz PPC G5, 160GB internal, 320GB USB external, 1TB in a Firewire 800 dock.

  • MacBook Pro (2008-present) – My current travelling Mac. Runs Mac OS X 10.6
    Configuration: 4 GB RAM, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 160GB internal, 500GB Firewire 800 external.

Image Title Source Code

Just added the source code to the Image Title Extension - it uses an injected end script. See the Safari Extensions Development Guide.

Image Title Safari Extension

I just created my first Safari Extension. It’s called Image Title and was inspired by Allison Sheridan’s presentation on “How to Increase Your Audience Through Accessibility” at Blog World Expo which she incorporated into NosillaCast #282.

This extension takes the Alt Text and adds a Title attribute with that text to the image tag. This lets Safari put up a tool tip popup with the Alt Text when you mouse over the image. Neat huh? To check that it works after you install, be sure to mouse over the images on my blog and see the secret Alt Text appear!

Do check out my Software page - it’s new! I’ll add more!

Things: To-dos restored!

A cautionary tale! Always have several backups of your data in different places... I sync’ed Things on the iPhone with the work iBook at the end of the day and noticed that several entries in the iPhone’s Today list were called “<missing title>” - not good. Searched on the Cultured Code support and came up with this link - seems that several people had the same problem, and recently too! Here’s what I did to recover...more...