Prompt Puppy review

Sent Allison Sheridan over at the Nosillacast Podcast my review of Prompt Puppy. Hear and read all about it at Nosillacast #292.

Aperture 3 and iWeb

I had a problem with iWeb tonight - tried to bring in Aperture pictures and found that the Media Browser in iWeb only showed iPhoto and Photo Booth - no Aperture. I tried the Aperture 3 Troubleshooting guide and did all three of the Aperture Library First Aid fixes one after another, and even tried repairing the iPhoto library - hold down Command-Option while starting iPhone (or Aperture) to access the repair dialog box.

And then I found this note by nikonshooter on this Apple Discussion board post:

I found this on Flickr from Distant mirroe had this problem a few days ago, and found the following solution:Create a new Aperture library (just name it Temp or something irrelevant), then switch back to your main library. Then you can delete Temp. It worked for me, YMMV.

This tip worked for me. I’m thinking that there’s something which gets initialised in Aperture when a new library is created. My current library was an import from Aperture 2, so therein may lie the problem.

Glühwein Recipe

My sweetie’s making glühwein - our annual holiday tradition, yum! Recipe follows:


  • 1 L Red wine
  • 125 ml Water
  • 60 gr Sugar
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 3 Cloves
  • 1 tblsp Lemon peel

Mixing instructions:

Boil sugar and spices in water, leave in the water for 30 minutes. Strain the spiced water and mix with the wine. Heat slowly until short of boiling temperature. (To remove alcohol, let it boil for a while.) You may add lemon or orange juice to taste. Serve in irish coffee cup.

Add Prefix String Example Workflows

I’ve just added a couple of workflows which use the “Add Prefix String” Automator Action.

  • Download PDFs from Airnav - which lets you type in the identifier for an airport and then proceeds to download the aeronautical instrument approach chart PDFs for that airport to a specified directory. You will want to change the directory in the Automator workflow.

  • Search in IMDB - which puts up a dialog to enter text which will then be searched for in IMDB

The workflows can be downloaded as a zip here and are also linked off the Software page.

Update on Screen Sharing and VNC

I tried the vnc://computer.ip.address trick to connect to my iBook running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and it worked! So indeed you can connect to another computer which runs a VNC server. Unfortunately I don’t have any non-Mac OS X computers which run VNC server to test. Someone go out and try!! And do let me know!!

Add Prefix String Automator Action

I wrote an Automator action to prepend a string to an input string, since I needed to add a web URL to a word. It was a little convoluted to get around writing it but the Automator Tutorial for Applescript Actions at Apple’s Developer site was extremely helpful. I decided on an Applescript based action since it was a little easier to write. You can download the “Append Prefix String” action from the Software page or directly from this link. I’ve also included a link to the source files on the Software page.

Sample workflow below:

Add Prefix String workflow