Things - my To Do list

Been using Things for the iPhone and Things for Mac OS X. Another set of clean apps which transparently syncs between Mac OS X and the iPhone. Check out Cultured Code's website for more information. Highly recommended. I've got the Audible version of "Getting Things Done" by David Allen and will be listening to that - Things uses that paradigm in its design.

PasteBot and ConvertBot for iPhone

Definitely love PasteBot and ConvertBot from tapbots. Beautiful and functional user interface. Clean design. PasteBot even has a sync preference pane for Mac OS X 10.5 which lets you cleanly send copied content between the iPhone and the Mac - it's transparent and unobtrusive - bravo tapbots!

One week with the iPhone

iPhones came in Monday, December 7th and were activated on the 8th with not a lot of problems. Just that AT&T's website had a very poorly designed "port this number" page which doesn't alert you if one of the two numbers could not be ported - so we had to call the Porting Unit and have them delete the assigned number and add our ported one.

I've used my iPod Touch extensively and have always wanted ubiquitous net access - so the iPhone fits the bill.

iPhones ordered!

Just placed an order for two 32GB iPhone 3GS's - no traction observed of other carriers getting iPhones (especially Sprint). Counting the days...