Codafy - FireBug for RapidWeaver

Do check out Nimblehost’s Codafy plug-in for RapidWeaver (@realmacsoftware) - FireBug for RapidWeaver!

Republishing using Unity 2.0

Just got the Unity 2.0 theme from Nimblehost (@nimblehost) - looks really neat with lots of controls. Will be tweaking the layout of FreeRangeCoder in the days to come. One thing which sold me was the automatic reformatting of the site when iPhone / iPod touch devices are detected. Looks like the iPad doesn’t have any special reformatting at all - but then it’s got a big screen!

Safari Extensions: Cool Stuff Found

John F Braun and Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab have a Cool Stuff Found segment in their podcast. Here’s some neat Safari Extensions which I shared with them:

  • Sessions - which saves the set of tabs and can restore them. Even saves the tabs when Safari quits so you can reopen them when it restarts. This will help with Tim’s question in MGG #282
  • Reload Button - yeah I need that reload button!
  • Ultimate Status Bar - comes up to show the moused over link, replaces the “always on” status bar.

Share and Enjoy! PS this should also work with Safari on Windows too...

Safari 5 and PDFs & TIFFs

Just discovered that Safari 5 renders PDFs in place and if you mouse down to the bottom of the window, a translucent overlay appears for zooming, viewing in Preview and saving to the Downloads folder. Used to have a PDF plug-in but now no more!

Additionally TIFFs will also render in place and you can drag and drop them to a Finder window. Have been looking for a way to view TIFFs on the US Patent Office’s website - and now it’s built in.

I’m beginning to like Safari a whole lot more!!

OO Coding and Software Principles

Tim Barcz tweeted:

Agree or NO? "Interestingly with the influx of developers moving into OO coding there seems to be a revival of software principles"

Agree wholeheartedly! Here are some considerations:
  • OO coding brings in rigour in coding practices - leading to implicit adoption of good coding methodology.
  • Starting on learning something different and new, such as OO methodologies, may lead to developer to explore and learn good software principles, especially when OO methodologies are closely associated with software principles.
  • OO practitioners are by and large well founded in software principles - so a developer moving to the OO coding methodology would be motivated to adopt good software principles.

DODOcase is in!

Ordered our DODOcases on 6/26 and they’re in our hot little hands today! Very nice craftsmanship - handmade in SFO. Can’t wait to slip the iPad into it and turn the iPad into the Moleskine for the digital generation.

R.I.P. Airport Extreme Base Station

It’s dead Jim... After 2 years of service, exactly to the day when I placed the order, something in our Airport Extreme Base Station has gotten a little heat sensitive and as a result, the AEBS dies - I think it’s the CPU on the board... Oh well... Time to order another refurb from the Apple Store, methinks.

For now I’m running it without the base and upside down but it still gives up the ghost occasionally... I might try running it without the case (see this link) and just the bottom plate for that exposed look. The 3 port Ethernet switch stills works though...

James May's Toy Stories

James May, one of the presenters of our fave BBC program “Top Gear”, presented a series on the toys of his youth (and of course, ours too). These comprised Lego, Meccano, Scalextric, Hornby, Plasticine, and our all-time favourite - Airfix. Check out the wikipedia entry on “James May's Toy Stories”. Still adore that 1:1 scale model Spitfire - the largest I built was the Airfix 1:24 scale one...

Dyson Air Multiplier

Now this is really neat design - we just bought a Dyson Air Multiplier from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (not cheap, but with $66 off and I got to use a 20% off coupon on top of that - what a deal!). It is, of course, a revolutionary design for fans - it has no blades - just a circular cowling-like ring which sends the air forwards, and in addition induces a low pressure volume in the cowling thereby drawing in more air from around the ring. Check out the awesome balloon flight videos on the Dyson page.

I got to try another of James Dyson’s innovative designs - the Dyson Air Blade - at the some of the airports we’ve passed through. Naturally, we had to get the Air Multiplier, being the proud owners of a Dyson DC-17 Animal Vacuum cleaner for several years - which really sucks, in a good way, of course!