iPad Strangeness... Solved!

I tried to wake up my iPad on a couple of occasions and found that it had been completely discharged. I couldn’t put my finger down on what the cause was - shrugged it off to just plain old self-discharge. Until yesterday... I was getting my work bag out of the vehicle when all of a sudden Green Day’s “Good Riddance” began playing. Hmm... this is strange. I took the iPad out and turned it off, paused the music, and put it back into the bag. And it started playing again. Mystified I dug into the bag and realised that I had the Bluetooth keyboard stuck in the bag next to the iPad and that the keys were being pressed.

This BT keyboard, an old Motion Computing job, had paired nicely up with the iPad before. Little did I know that jostling the bag woke up the keyboard which then woke up the iPad and kept it awake, draining the battery. I would not have discovered this had the music not been playing - the keyboard’s media keys must have been pressed to activate the iPod functionality. I now recall the several cautionary articles I had read or heard about MacBooks being drained and becoming hot when the BT keyboard with which they were paired kept the laptops awake.

Learnt a new thing! I now keep the iPad’s BT turned off until I need it and have removed a battery from the keyboard.