Dyson Air Multiplier

Now this is really neat design - we just bought a Dyson Air Multiplier from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (not cheap, but with $66 off and I got to use a 20% off coupon on top of that - what a deal!). It is, of course, a revolutionary design for fans - it has no blades - just a circular cowling-like ring which sends the air forwards, and in addition induces a low pressure volume in the cowling thereby drawing in more air from around the ring. Check out the awesome balloon flight videos on the Dyson page.

I got to try another of James Dyson’s innovative designs - the Dyson Air Blade - at the some of the airports we’ve passed through. Naturally, we had to get the Air Multiplier, being the proud owners of a Dyson DC-17 Animal Vacuum cleaner for several years - which really sucks, in a good way, of course!