My Apple History

It’s that time to upgrade the primary desktop computer again... Ordered an iMac 27” i7 quad core 2.93GHz 12GB RAM, 1TB drive system from SmallDog (Twitter: @hellosmalldog). This is the third Mac I’ve ordered from them - really like their philosophy and service.

Looking back here are the Apple Computers I’ve had:

  • Apple ][ (1979-85) – This was not a Plus originally, though I switched the Autostart ROM and Applesoft BASIC. I taught myself BASIC, 6502 and Z-80 assembly, C and Pascal with that Apple ][. It’s packed away in its original box back home in Singapore.
    Final configuration: 48 KB RAM, 1MHz 6502, two Apple Disk ][ floppy drives, 80 column card, 128K RAMcard, Z-80 PCPI AppliCard, ALF Music Synthesiser card, Super Serial Card and 1200 baud modem, Parallel Printer Card with Integral Data Paper Tiger 445 dot matrix printer.

  • Lisa 2 (1985-86) – I managed to get a “cheap” Lisa so I could trade up to a Mac Plus. This had the single 400K floppy drive and came with the original manuals with the Apple FileWare “Twiggy” 5¼” double cutout disks (wish I had kept those). It also came with the 5 MB ProFile.
    Configuration: 1 MB RAM, 5MHz 68000, 5MB ProFile.

  • Macintosh Plus (1986-1989) – Traded the Lisa for this. My programming workhorse - I had Lightspeed Pascal and C (which became Think). I’ve cracked the case to upgrade the RAM and have seen the signatures!
    Final configuration: 2.5 MB RAM, 16MHz 68000, 20 MB HD20 (serial port), 800K external floppy, ImageWriter II printer.

  • Macintosh IIcx (1989-1995) – The first Mac I bought in the US. Did a lot of software on it while at computer science graduate school in UT-Austin.
    Final configuration: 8 MB RAM, 16Mhz 68030, 80 MB internal, 160 MB external SCSI, 45 MB SyQuest removable cartridge drive, HP DAT tape backup, Personal LaserWriter NTR.

  • PowerBook 145 (1992-2002) – My first portable Mac. The motherboard went bad so I purchased a replacement PowerBook 170 motherboard, thus making it a PowerBook 157½.
    Final configuration: 6 MB RAM, 25 MHz 68030 + 68882 FPU, 40 MB internal

  • Performa 6400 (1995-2004) – My big tower PowerPC Mac. I added the 400MHz Crescendo cache card coprocessor from Sonnet, 16MB ATI graphics card and a 100-BaseT Ethernet board from Asante
    Final configuration: 136 MB RAM, 400MHz PPC 603e, 1.6GB internal, 9GB external, SCSI external CD burner

  • iBook G3 (2002-present) – The replacement portable. It’s still running a webcam upload Perl script and has Mac OS X 10.4.
    Final configuration: 640 MB RAM, 800MHz PPC G3, 30GB internal

  • PowerMac Dual G5 (2005-present) – This replaced the Performa and is still in use. It’ll replace the iBook as the home server. Runs Mac OS X 10.5.
    Final configuration: 6.5 GB RAM, dual 2GHz PPC G5, 160GB internal, 320GB USB external, 1TB in a Firewire 800 dock.

  • MacBook Pro (2008-present) – My current travelling Mac. Runs Mac OS X 10.6
    Configuration: 4 GB RAM, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 160GB internal, 500GB Firewire 800 external.