Aperture 3 and iWeb

I had a problem with iWeb tonight - tried to bring in Aperture pictures and found that the Media Browser in iWeb only showed iPhoto and Photo Booth - no Aperture. I tried the Aperture 3 Troubleshooting guide and did all three of the Aperture Library First Aid fixes one after another, and even tried repairing the iPhoto library - hold down Command-Option while starting iPhone (or Aperture) to access the repair dialog box.

And then I found this note by nikonshooter on this Apple Discussion board post:

I found this on Flickr from Distant mirroe had this problem a few days ago, and found the following solution:Create a new Aperture library (just name it Temp or something irrelevant), then switch back to your main library. Then you can delete Temp. It worked for me, YMMV.

This tip worked for me. I’m thinking that there’s something which gets initialised in Aperture when a new library is created. My current library was an import from Aperture 2, so therein may lie the problem.