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To Our Beloved Cat Tasha: An Elegy

Tasha - when she came into the family

Tasha entered our lives in August 1997. She was a lithe grey striped tabby we rescued from the Austin Animal Shelter. She joined our other cat Sassy whom we had adopted only three days earlier – we simply had to have two cats. Tasha had a lovely time in Texas and moved along with us to Iowa in 1999, flying in style with TWA.

Both Tasha and Sassy filled our lives with joy as they bonded with us, lived with us, and shared nuzzles and copious cuddles. She and Sassy were the protectors of the domicile, and were very affectionate to all who visited our home.

We noticed that Tasha wasn’t well about a month or so ago, when she started breathing hard. Vet visits ensued, x-rays were taken, and we saw that her lungs were cloudy. Ultrasounds were done, medication given to ease her breathing.

Today, February 10th, 2013, she did not eat nor drink any water, and her breathing was very, very laboured. With much sadness and tears, we made the decision that had to be made. Somehow, she seemed to know. The drive to the vets was the longest 20 minutes of our life. There, we spent time with her, speaking of our love, and allaying any worries she may have. We told her to be strong. We stroked and petted her. We were with her to the very end.

The winds are blowing. It’s cold here, not only outside but within our hearts. We have lost a cherished and beloved member of our family.

Sleepy Tasha

O Tasha,
Nibbler of toes,
Climber of high places,
Concealer extraordinaire,
Opener of Drawers,

You have truly lived a life that’s full,
You have given us much joy,

We will remember you, always,
Peace and rest, dear one.

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