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Fix for Dash PopClip Extension

My favourite extension PopClip has an extension for my favourite developer reference application Dash. However, with the 1.7.7 update of Dash there has been a subtle change in the name of the OS X Service which allows search in Dash. This used to be “Look up in Dash” and is now “Look Up in Dash” – notice the slight change in case. Unfortunately OS X Services are case sensitive and as a result the PopClip extension does not work.

I’ve tweeted the developer of Dash @kapeli and they’ll be issuing a fix to the extension. In the meantime, to fix it yourself:

  1. Quit PopClip

  2. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/PopClip/Extensions

  3. Control- or Right-click on Dash.popclipext and select Show Package Contents

  4. Open Config.plist in TextWrangler or some other text plist editor and change:

    <key>Service Name</key>
    <string>Look up in Dash</string>


    <key>Service Name</key>
    <string>Look Up in Dash</string>

    with a uppercase U in “Up” and then save the file.

    If you’re using Xcode, change the key “Service Name” to “Look Up in Dash” with the same uppercase U.

  5. Restart PopClip

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